HYPERBOLE: origins at the [Inside] the Ford
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...the award-winning Rogue Artists Ensemble's new celebratory Hyper-theatrical event! HYPERBOLE: origins examines ancient and modern stories of origin. Myth and science collide with masks, puppets, music and cutting-edge technology to create a one-of-a kind experience. SEE! the amazing Origin Machineİ and experience the fantastic Origin-toriumİ! Hear most melodious melodies and fantastical sounds accompanying the action on stage from Animal Collective, Deerhoof, The Ditty Bops, and many many more!

Stan and a Puffing

HYPERBOLE: origins is a collaborative feast for the senses (except smell)

Los Angeles' award-winning art-collective Rogue Artists Ensemble presents HYPERBOLE: origins, a two-act play told through the Rogues' trademark "Hyper-theatrical" style. The show combines masked performers, immersive sound and music, digital projection, and diverse styles of puppetry. Origins tells the tale of a master storyteller Ducis and his young apprentice Stan. On their journey we are immersed in the origin myths the master is trying to keep alive. HYPERBOLE: origins is a visual feast, a live music video, a fantastic celebration of tradition and innovation, of how we all got here, of the wonder and beauty and the circle of life.

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The townsfolk from the Hawaii'an myth of Pele, the volcanoe goddess

HYPERBOLE: origins is an original, adventurous celebration of myth, music, movement, mania and the connection between all of us. Audience members will experience stories that explore the origin of all things: from the superficial (Where did our audience come from tonight?), across time and space (How was the first music invented? What is the origin of our universe?), examining matters philosophical, scientific and spiritual.

HYPERBOLE: origins is also an elaborate musical journey, assembled from sources far and wide. The eclectic and cutting-edge soundtrack was donated by groups from around the world both known and unknown, and from an open call for submissions collected on this very website. Please help support all the artists who collaborated on this massive artistic undertaking by exploring the music page.

Who are the Rogues?

Led by a creative force of professional working designers, technicians and crafts-persons, Rogue Artists Ensemble is not your typical production company. By employing ancient storytelling techniques such as dance, puppetry, mask work, alongside modern technology such as digital media, special effects, and theatrical illusions, the Rogues cultivate a unique style of live performance unlike any other. They define the combined use of these and other underrepresented art forms as Hyper-theater. Rogue Artists Ensemble recognizes the value in creating compelling, sophisticated theater, that is driven by thought-provoking stories and a modern awareness and sensibility.

You can learn more at our website.

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BE AMAZED! HYPERBOLE: origins is a wordless Hyper-theatrical event, told through music, mask, puppet, and movement. For the project, we have assembled a splendiforously eclectic, melodious, and cutting-edge soundtrack from around the world. All for your enjoyment! EXPLORE!! some of the artists and music, some you may have heard of, others you probably haven't. It's music to birth the universe by.


Directed by
Sean T. Cawelti

(in alphabetical order)
Kristopher Lee Bicknell
Julia Garcia Combs
Brian Kuwabara
Alex Levin
Shannon MacMillan
Diona Reasonover
Thu Tran

Christina Aimerito
Gedaly Guberek

Scenic Design
Logan Wince

Lighting Design
Ian Garrett

Costume Design
Kerry Hennessy

Puppet Design
Caitlin Lainoff

Original Music by
Ben Phelps
Ego Plum

Sound Design
and Music Supervision
John Nobori

Nate Hodges

Nina Silver

Video Design
Dave Mickey

Mask Design
Katie Polebaum

Properties Design
Sarah Krainin

Stage Management
Shannon Goldsborough

Production Management
Tyler Stamets

Project Development Core Team
Sean T. Cawelti, Estela Garcia, Miles Taber, John Nobori,
and Logan Wince

Written by
Miles Taber and Sean T. Cawelti

Assistant Director,
Movement Coach
Estela Garcia

Lobby Design
Joe Holiday

Associate Video Designers
Brian White
Patrick Heyn
Lianne Arnold

Assistant Lighting Design,
Master Electrician
Haylee Freeman

Assistant Costume Design
Tiba Sumabon

Assistant Puppet Design
Danrae Wilson

Assistant Prop Design
Jennifer Owings

Assistant Sound Design
Emily Coalson

Assistant Mask Design
Miles Taber
Megan Wallace

Technical Direction
Daniel Geesing


Conceptual Artwork
Logan Wince

Assistant Stage Manager
Rachel Gross

Production Assistant
Sabrina Rodriguez

University of California, Irvine
Workshop Cast
Danielle Bardellini, Sarah Benjamin, Clint Foley, Katie Montoya, Ian Pham, Soren Santos, Kathy Yamamoto

University of California, Irvine
Stage Management
Rachel Gross

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Rogue Artists Ensemble
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Signal Hill, CA 90075