HYPERBOLE: origins at the [Inside] the Ford
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A Most Wonderously Melodious Soundtrack is Brought to You By... (in alphabetical order)

animal collective Animal Collective
Graze - Fall Be Kind - EP
Experimental neo-psychodelia out of the notorious Baltimore art-rock / electronica scene.
deerhoof Deerhoof
The Runners Four - Deerhoof
Eclectic improvisationally inspired indie-rock out of San Fransisco.
dittybops The Ditty Bops
"Moon Over the Freeway"
Moon Over the Freeway - Moon Over the Freeway
Los Angeles based singer-songwriter folk-pop duo.
DJ Nova Jade DJ Nova Jade
Believe It (feat. DJ Nova Jade and Benn Bacot) - Mighty Real
Los Angeles DJ / producer / remixer / performance artist
Gobble Gobble Gobble Gobble
"Lawn Knives"
deBonton 2nd Grab Bag - Various Artists
Noise pop and other abstractions from Canada.
Gobble Gobble Gheorghe Zamfir
King Of The Pan Flute And Other Favorites - Gheorghe Zamfir
The King of the Pan Flute, featured in Animal Collective's "Graze"
Max Tundra Max Tundra
Which Song - Parallax Error Beheads You
Musician, singer, music producer, British internet radio host.
Meklit Hadero Meklit Hadero
Walk Up - On a Day Like This...
If Joni Mitchell were East African and met Nina Simone for tea in San Francisco’s Mission District
New Edge Ensemble New Edge Ensemble Americana / Classical / New Age Crossover out of Los Angeles.
Oh No Ono Oh No Ono
"The Wave Ballet"
The Wave Ballet - Eggs
Modern mix of alternative pop, electroclash, funk, all the way from Denmark.
Ben Phelps
Music for the Rogues - Ben Phelps
Serious composer, xylophonist, and LA based musician with indie-rocker-envy. Writing original music for the show.
Ego Plum Ego Plum
Gogol Project (Original Stage Production Soundtrack)
Indescribable musician, producer, visual artist, and composer for Nickolodeon. Writing original music for the show.
Rhythm in Mind
Flow - Rhythm In Mind
Los Angeles based dark electronic artist and percussionist
The Very Best The Very Best
Kamphopo - Warm Heart of Africa
Afro-western mix of dance, hip-hop, and traditional Malawian music.
Josiah Wolf Josiah Wolf
"The Trailer and the Truck"
The Trailer and the Truck - Jet Lag
Solo singer-writer, multi-instrumentalist.
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BE AMAZED! HYPERBOLE: origins is a wordless Hyper-theatrical event, told through music, mask, puppet, and movement. For the project, we have assembled a splendiforously eclectic, melodious, and cutting-edge soundtrack from around the world. All for your enjoyment! EXPLORE!! some of the artists and music, some you may have heard of, others you probably haven't. It's music to birth the universe by.

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